Handling and Insertion of Contact Lenses

A number of manuals and guidelines are available regarding the proper use and handling of contact lenses.
All these manuals and guidelines give us a whole lot of information regarding the proper use of contact lenses, but as the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”, similarly, the more one uses the contact lens, the more well versed he or she becomes in the process of handling contact lenses. When inserting contact lenses, it is recommended to start with the right eye.
Opening the lens package for the first time must be done carefully, without causing any damage to the lens inside.
Any misalignment of the contact lens should be prevented while inserting the contact lens for the first time. After removing the lens from the storage box, it must be examined for nicks, cut, dust, spots, or tears.
Inserting the lens in the right eye will ensure that one does not make a mistake of placing the wrong lens in the wrong eye. Thus it becomes really important to use contact properly, following all the information and adhering to all of the guidelines that are given in the user’s handbook. Making a habit of placing the contact lens in the right eye first will ensure that one does not make a mistake when it comes to placing the right lens in the right eye.
The lens must be placed on the tip of the forefinger of the right hand. The orientation of the lens must be checked and ascertained at first to ensure that the lens is in the right orientation at the outset. Now, using the middle finger of the same hand that is holding the contact lens, one should pull down the lower eyelid of the right eye. After placing the lens on the eye using the forefinger, one should blink to align the lens in position automatically. The procedure should then be repeated for the left eye. This is how the insertion of contact lenses must be done. Fingers must be very clean and during any step of the process, the lens must not be placed on any surface as that will seriously contaminate the lens.

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