Getting Rid Of Dry, Cracked Heels

Your feet are those organs of your body which can have the most intense affects of drying as they can become crack and too rough.
The causes of cracked heel may be different but the results are mainly same which are; the skin becomes thicken and eventually it becomes cracked, this condition can become really painful and unappealing.
In order to avoid this situation try to take as much care of your heels as possible, preventing your heels from dryness is not a very difficult task but it require attention which you should provide because the cracked heels also impacts the overall personality and looks along with the pain and suffering.
First of all take some warm water in bowl and soak your feet in it for 10-15 minutes. Adding some shampoo or soap in that water is also considered good as it helps in the softening of skin.
Now use some sort of Pumice stone or a heel file on the dried area of the heels, the dry and hard skin will be removed in this way but don’t do this procedure too hardly as it can negatively affect the skin instead of making it soft.
Now apply a foot cream that will serve to moisturize the skin and thus will keep it nourished and elastic.
Applying a heel balm on the heels daily at night is also a good solution for dry heels. After applying the heel balm try to wear some clean socks for about 30 minutes to keep the moisturizer stay for a longer period of time.
If you have got too much dry heels then you can also apply a peel treatment that will remove the outer layer of thick and dead skin. You can have a choice of different brands for the peel treatment but try to go for the authenticated and trust able brand to obtain the best results.
Try to wear the sandals or shoes which are not very much hard and they give a soft and comfortable rest to your feet.
Massage the heels and feet daily with a good moisturizer to ensure the blood circulation in your feet.
This were some of the tips that can help you to avoid the cracked heels and dry skin of your feet and even if you have this problem right now, you can also get the solution by following the above discussed tips.

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